Los Blue Ventures de Louis Sanchez, an Espanola group breaks record crowds wherever they perform. This group is the literal definition of "familia".

:: Studio for Rent

Our private studio is available for rent. It features all-digital Mackie D8B & HDR proprietary equipment, Isolation booth, drum booth, state of the art sound dampening and silent climate control. All your work is contained on a single hard drive that you can take with you and keep. Hard disk recording lets you track, edit, cut, paste, delete, overdub, comp and crossfade on a project for hours...and then at any time, go back to an earlier version. Nothing gets erased. Nothing gets destroyed. The creative options are unlimited because you aren't risking anything when you make major (or minor) changes. We offer the versatility of 24 tracks - 192 virtual tracks and the capability of Pro Tools™


 Pricing & Info


For pricing and info you can contact David Sanchez at (505) 852-4153, or use our contact page to send an email.



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