Los Blue Ventures de Louis Sanchez, an Espanola group breaks record crowds wherever they perform. This group is the literal definition of "familia".

:: About The Blue Ventures

The Blue Ventures de Louis Sanchez, an Espanola group, breaks record crowds wherever they perform. This group is the literal definition of "familia". Louis Sanchez (manager) is the father of eight children, all of whom play or have played with the group the last 10 years. "The music is what has kept our family so tightly knit together", "We have lived and breathed our music through two generations." The group consists of Louise (keyboard), Harold (bass), Marie (drums), Johnny (guitar), Lawrence (accordion) and also a four piece brass (Robert, Joseph, David and Frank). All are siblings except Louis' brother, Johnny and nephew, Frank Martinez. Marie Salazar took over her sister, Matilda's position as drummer a few years back. Louis the manager and father of seven of the band members also sings with the group. Louis always had a band as a young adult and as his children started getting interested in the music they began replacing band members.

The Blue Ventures have performed all over the Southwest and have won many awards throughout the years including: Band of the Year, Male and Female Vocalist, Song of the Year, Gospel Song of the Year and CD of the Year. Harold Sanchez is the songwriter of the group and has written many hits such as "Una Casa De Adobe", "Ayudame", "Madrecita de Oro" and "Tu Querido Hijo". All of the songs relate to special experiences with the group and many people from all around the country have expressed how much they relate to these songs. "Una Casa de Adobe" was inspired by the group's grandparents who lived in an adobe house and always welcomed family, "llegen llegen hijitos", while sitting on their front porch. The song "Ayudame" and "Tu Querido Hijo" are gospel songs thanking God for all his blessings. "Madrecita de Oro" is a tribute to the group's loving mother, Della, who passed away in 2000. Della Sanchez along with Louis was and continues to be an inspiration and major support in the success the band has enjoyed throughout the years.

The Blue Ventures also referred to as "Los Blue Ventures" and "Los Meros Meros" has released nine CD's and two greatest hits CD's. The band is currently working on their twelfth CD to be released in spring or early summer of 2008. The Blue Ventures were able to record and produce their last CD "Los Meros Meros" in their private studio. The group who all live in Alcalde, New Mexico, outside of Espanola, regularly perform at Casanova Nite Club which is owned and operated by Louis Sanchez, father and manager of the group. Louis continues to be the force behind the band and received a Life Time Achievement Award in 1998 for his achievements in music. Where ever the band performs they love meeting their fans and enjoy hearing from them through their website and mail. Making God and Family the #1 priority has kept this band at the top of the charts!

For bookings or merchandise please contact Louise Sanchez at P.O. Box 3454, Fairview, New Mexico 87533, 505-852-4153.

Harold J. Sanchez

Bass, Vocals

Johnny Sanchez

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Louise Sanchez

Keyboards, Vocals

Marie Salazar


Joseph Sanchez


David Sanchez

Alto Sax

Frankie Martinez


Robert Sanchez

Trumpet, Accordian

Lawerence Sanchez


Louis H. Sanchez

Manager, Vocals




Tapes - $8.00
CD's - $15.00
T-Shirt - $15.00
Cap - $10.00
Jacket $45.00

Send check or money order to The Blue Ventures P.O. Box 3454 Fairview, NM 87533. Please specify which item you would like and add $1 for shipping. COD's are also allowed, but the price will vary depending on delivery charges.

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